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Reliable and low fee baking service for your Tezos
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Tezos Land Baking Service

Reliable and low fee baking service


NO personal information is required. Delegate your Tezos and earn dividend in every cycle.

Expert Bakers

The team behind TezosLand has more than 10 years of software industry experience. We do hard work and you earn.

Our Baking Fee

TezosLand will get 9.99% fee for the great baking service.

Stats and Information

TezosLand Security Deposit Balance XTZ


Total Delegated Tezos


TezosLand Baking Rewards Distribution

90.1% rewards to YOU; 9.99% for baking fee

For More Information

Visit to Our Baking Service on Block Explorer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the current service fee?

    Our current fee is 9.99%. You will get paid as soon as rewards are released.

  • How Can I be a baker?

    You need at least 8000 tezos to stake and 7/24 running machine connected Tezos network.

  • What is DPOS and Delegation?

    Tezos’ DPOS(Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm is designed so that bakers are called upon to create blocks and receive rewards in proportion to their holdings. Delegation of tezos means you give RIGHTS to use them to create blocks.

  • Can I lose my tezos when I delegate TezosLand?

    NO, absolutely not. We do not have your tezos but RIGHTS to use them to create blocks. Your tezos will never leave from your wallet.

  • When will I receive my rewards?

    Your payment will be done as soon as tezos network releases the rewards. Payments will automatically be sent to your KT account so that you can earn more.

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